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  • My Name is Joe Downs. Dr. Kohn was council to me for spinal steno sis. My experience was life saving. I will set up an appointment so I can thank him personally. Thank you, Joe Downs
  • I was referred to Dr. Khan by my primary physician for a neck problem. I was in so much pain and paralyzed on my left side and could not move my head or neck. He preformed surgery on my neck which was in very bad condition. My pain was minimal after surgery and my arm worked again the minute I woke up from surgery. Dr. Khan is caring and patient and completely thorough. My office visits with him and his nurse Amy are wonderful. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Khan for any of your needs.
  • Dr. Khan did cervical spinal stenosis surgery on me in December 2017. I feel that he did a very good job. I am still in Physical Therapy but that is to be expected.

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